Unequaled cloud expertise.

With over 250 cloud certifications, Blue Sentry Cloud is the most densely certified cloud firm in the United States.

We advise clients to ensure that they avoid the pitfalls that cause cloud projects to fail, exceed budgets, and impede value creation. Remove risk by relying on Blue Sentry Cloud’s experience in complicated and compliance-heavy cloud environments.

Deploy faster at lower risk

Blue Sentry Cloud is the only cloud firm to offer a managed app deployment service that automates all security controls and increases speed to market while removing risks to our clients’ customer base. We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and the only cloud firm to offer a fully managed Kubernetes platform that ensures every deployment is secure, monitored, and rapidly deployed while remaining fully customizable.

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Working with Blue Sentry Cloud...
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What We Do

Comprehensive Evaluation

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of each client’s business needs and organizational priorities before recommending specific platforms or technologies. Each stage of our process is purposely designed to reduce the risk of failure while designing the appropriate digital transformation stages to elevate the client’s environment to the cloud.

Unique Engagement Model

Blue Sentry Cloud was the first to offer a flexible engagement model using highly-skilled Agile Transformation Teams that can scale with a client’s needs while eliminating change requests.

Upskill More Rapidly

Engineers with advanced skills in cloud infrastructure are hard to find and expensive to hire. Through our Cloud Center of Excellence we can work with your team to train them in best practices for scalable cloud architecture and security.

What We Do

Cloud Data Services for a world swimming in data.

Managing data in multiple locations and differing formats under strict compliance regimes is challenging. Find out how Blue Sentry Cloud’s SafeFlex Data Service can free your team to create value from your data without the distractions of managing complicated data regimes.

Expertise in Leading Cloud Platforms

We engage class-leading enterprise technologies to deliver one-stop solutions that are automated, secure and scalable.

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