An Enterprise CIO’s Perspective on Security in the Cloud

Kenneth Johnson / February 10, 2015

I talk about cloud security on this blog a lot because it is important to Blue Sentry and to our customers.  In fact my last post talked about the tremendous increase in Security that AWS customers enjoy over what they are able to do on their own.  I found this recent post by head of AWS Enterprise Strategy, Stephen Orban particularly enlightening.  It was also gratifying in that it echoed my perspective on the shared security model.  In the post Stephen Orban recounts his days as a Enterprise CIO and customer of AWS and how he was able to focus on application layer security knowing his physical security was taken care of by a larger and more focused set of experts.

Also included here is an interview done by CISO and Leader with Stephen Schmidt, the AWS CISO.  It not only gives his perspective as a former enterprise CIO but also gives us a behind the scenes perspective on how AWS approaches its security.  I hope you find it as informative as I did.