Kubernetes Managed Services

How does a Managed Kubernetes DevOps Service work?

Your business depends on software. Whether your product is software or your business runs on critical applications, business today depends evermore on applications with a constant demand for new features that put stress and unprecedented strain on your infrastructure and on your team. While microservices on Kubernetes offers the potential for speed and enhanced reliability, they also create their own management headaches and resource burden. Blue Sentry’s Managed Kubernetes DevOps Service supports your cluster-based application by:

  • Launching bespoke clusters on any cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or GCP) using infrastructure as code
  • Automating the integration of new microservices into your clusters
  • Monitor and troubleshoot clusters for infrastructure health
  • Operate and upgrade clusters
  • Fine tune autoscaling and resource utilization
  • Manage cost
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • Provide ongoing Site Reliability Engineering

Blue Sentry Cloud’s Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and core automation support your environment 24×7. We ensure that your infrastructure is ready when you need it while saving you the time and costs involved in hiring and training engineers to build and maintain your microservices environment from scratch.

The Benefits of Working with a Kubernetes Consultant

Our Kubernetes consulting services offer a wide variety of benefits for you and your business, including:

  • Allows your engineering team to focus on writing great code and getting value to your customer faster
  • Increases the reliability of your applications and enhances your customer experience
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increases security

Blue Sentry Cloud’s Managed DevOps Kubernetes Services

Ask our many satisfied clients who have seen significant improvements in speed, security, reliability, and cost management with our Kubernetes DevOps services. We can do the same for you. Our Kubernetes services include customized clusters on any cloud platform, Infrastructure as Code Services, Automated CI/CD pipelines, and Site Reliability Engineering.

At Blue Sentry Cloud, we believe there should be no trade-off between going faster and lower risk or reduced operating costs. When you choose us for Kubernetes DevOps services, we help you create and manage scalable applications in a wide range of environments, including public, private and hybrid clouds.

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