Manufacturing SaaS Company migrates to AWS

bluesentrycloud / April 7, 2021

When a cloud-based partner relationship management company, needed to migrate to the AWS Cloud, they called upon Blue Sentry to facilitate a smooth transition. Today, Blue Sentry and partners like CloudHealth provide next-generation managed services to help them succeed and grow its enterprise.

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Case Study: Transforming DSI’s AWS Architecture with Blue Sentry Cloud

Lee Hylton / May 3, 2024

Introduction DSI, a company specializing in cloud-based inventory management solutions, sought to transition from a traditional data center to a modern, cloud-native AWS architecture. This move aimed to enhance scalability, operational efficiency, and agility in application deployment. Blue Sentry Cloud (BSC), renowned for its expertise in cloud transformations, was tasked with revamping DSI’s infrastructure using […]

Case Study: Accelerating Application Development at Clinical Ink with AWS Amplify and Blue Sentry Cloud

Lee Hylton / May 3, 2024

Introduction Clinical Ink, a company dedicated to improving clinical trial processes through innovative digital solutions, sought to enhance their application development capabilities to bring new products to market faster. To achieve this, Clinical Ink utilized AWS Amplify, a service designed to simplify mobile and web application development. Blue Sentry Cloud (BSC), an expert in cloud […]

Case Study: Enhancing Pediatric Associates’ Website Performance and Cost Efficiency with Blue Sentry Cloud and AWS

Lee Hylton / May 3, 2024

Introduction Pediatric Associates, a leading healthcare provider focused on pediatric care, required improvements in the performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency of their main website. To achieve these goals, Pediatric Associates partnered with Blue Sentry Cloud (BSC), leveraging their expertise in cloud-based solutions to optimize their website infrastructure.   Objectives The key objectives for this initiative were: […]

Case Study: Disaster Recovery Solution Implementation for TruckPro by Blue Sentry Cloud

Lee Hylton / May 2, 2024

Introduction TruckPro, a leading manufacturer of high-tech microchips, required a robust disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity in the event of a regional outage. To meet this need, TruckPro enlisted Blue Sentry Cloud, an AWS Premier Partner, to design and implement a disaster recovery strategy in the AWS cloud environment.   Objectives The primary […]

Case Study: Enhancing Compliance and Security for Formpiper with Blue Sentry Cloud

Lee Hylton / May 2, 2024

Introduction Formpiper, a company specializing in automating paperwork processes for various industries, faced significant challenges in maintaining compliance with stringent security standards, including SOC2. To address these challenges, Formpiper engaged Blue Sentry Cloud (BSC) to manage its AWS cloud infrastructure with a strong focus on security and compliance.   Objectives Formpiper’s primary goals with BSC’s […]

Case Study: Blue Sentry Cloud’s Managed Services for Pediatric Associates

Lee Hylton / May 2, 2024

Introduction Pediatric Associates, a leading healthcare provider specializing in pediatric care, required a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure to ensure uptime, site availability, and security for their digital services. They engaged Blue Sentry Cloud, a prominent Managed Services Provider (MSP), to efficiently manage their AWS cloud environment.     Objectives Pediatric Associates aimed to achieve […]

FormPiper: Database Modernization

Jason Kim / May 31, 2022

The Challenge FormPiper, a B2B Software-as-a-Service company, provides tools to make the completion of consumer finance applications quick and easy.  End users enjoy a streamlined experience, able to apply to several financial institutions using one set of form inputs, while corporate customers are able to apply to automate what was previously a very labor-intensive process.  […]

Quaero: Monitoring Spend and Sizing the Cloud

Jason Kim / May 27, 2022

The Challenge Quaero, is a multi-national business intelligence and data analytics firm that accounts for some of the largest names in sports, entertainment, and manufacturing as their clients.  While maintaining a large footprint in AWS Quaero also hosts most of their infrastructure in Azure as well as on premise in data centers.  Using proprietary data […]

Pediatric Associates Security and Scalability on AWS

Jason Kim / April 29, 2022

Blue Sentry Cloud recently architected a solution for a medical company’s primary website.  This website acts as the primary scheduling and information portal for the entire organization.  The website historically was hosted on stateful servers with a separate MySQL database server. The utilization of stateful servers drove a lack of cost elasticity and scalability, lack […]

Regulated Capital Consultants Disaster Recovery Solution

Jason Kim / March 25, 2022

Regulated Capital Consultants (RCC) provides comprehensive advisory solutions, systems support and resource assistance for accounting, tax, and regulatory departments in property-intensive industries.  RCC helps their clients streamline operations providing guidance from consultants who are experienced utility industry veterans.  In business for over 15 years, RCC had legacy software systems that were no longer meeting their […]