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    We Help Enterprises Ensure That Complex Cloud Migrations Don’t Fail.

    Enterprise migrations are complex and have a high risk of failure. Multiple authoritative sources place the failure rate of new cloud initiatives at 50% to over 70%. Blue Sentry Cloud works with clients whose cloud initiatives simply cannot fail. We have performed over 300 such cloud initiatives and never had one fail. Our densely-certified team specializes in cloud and nothing else. From planning and preparation to nextgen managed services after migration, we provide objective advice and strategic guidance to help you navigate your cloud journey.

    Blue Sentry Cloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and audited Managed Service Partner with multiple competencies, Microsoft Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider BUT we represent the interests of our clients, not the public cloud providers. Talk to us about your needs and we will help you identify the right cloud provider(s) and process for your cloud initiative. Blue Sentry Cloud has successfully migrated thousands of workloads spanning all platforms, architectures and industries, particularly HITRUST environments and those with heavy compliance burdens such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, FedRAMP, etc.

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    There are hundreds of providers offering to help with AWS migration. Why should I use Blue Sentry Cloud?

    Migration is not as simple as it seems. Simply “lifting and shifting” your environment can be a costly mistake leading to overprovisioning, unexpected costs and performance issues. There are many other factors to consider including software licensing, the state of your applications, database types/configurations, network infrastructure, and security. Blue Sentry’s experienced team has led many organizations through migrations to AWS. We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner holding the AWS Migration Competency and an audited AWS Managed Service Partner. We also hold the Microsoft Workloads, DevOps, and Data & Analytics Competencies on AWS. And we have a dedicated data team to help you make the most of your data and the potential of the cloud. Most importantly, our customers are happy with their decision to use Blue Sentry. Find out what Blue Sentry Cloud’s customers have to say about their migration experiences.

    You can be confident that you are working with a partner who understands AWS, cloud cost management and optimized architecture. After you move past the evaluation stage, Blue Sentry Cloud is a partner that can help you achieve the full benefits of the cloud and cloud native operations. We see the cloud journey progressing through three stages:

    Evaluate > Migrate > Iterate

    1. Evaluate — Have all of the information you need before making a decision. Blue Sentry Cloud can help with a free Pre-Migration Cost Assessment and advanced migration assistance.
    2. Migrate — Whether you are a Microsoft shop, lean towards open source and cloud native, or have a combination of everything, Blue Sentry can help you throughout your migration and beyond. Blue Sentry has successfully migrated thousands of workloads spanning all platforms, architectures and industries, particularly HIGHTRUST environments like those in financial services and healthcare.
    3. Iterate — You are in the cloud. Now what? Achieve the full value and power of cloud native operations. Stay ahead of your competition by shortening your speed to market. Blue Sentry can handle the infrastructure while your team focuses on driving business dynamics. Learn about our managed DevOps services, including microservices like Kubernetes deployments.

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