Blue Sentry Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Migration Services

bluesentrycloud / February 1, 2024

Hi. I’m Kenneth Johnson, founder and chief cloud strategist at Blue Century Cloud. In a world where over 60 percent of cloud initiatives fail, I have worked with over 300 technology leaders at some of the world’s largest enterprises to ensure their cloud initiatives never fail.


I lead a team of some of the best cloud engineers and architects in the world, but I’ve found that complex cloud engagements usually fail for reasons that aren’t technical. 


Failure comes in many forms. It could be a complete failure to launch a project, stall a loss of momentum, or simply an ultimate failure to achieve the business value that initially drove technology leadership to adopt cloud. Cloud is a completely different world from traditional IT and it requires new thinking and new leadership. That’s what my videos are about.


I hope occasionally they help you turn right when you might have turned left. But above all, I want to ensure that you are not one of the 60 percent who fail at cloud.

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