Blue Sentry Cloud Strategy: Risks in Cloud Migration

bluesentrycloud / February 1, 2024

Hi. I’m Kenneth Johnson, founder and chief cloud strategist at Blue Century Cloud. In a world where 60 percent of cloud initiatives fail, I have worked with over 300 technology leaders at some of the world’s largest enterprises to ensure their cloud initiatives never fail. 


With such a high failure rate, I’m often asked why. One of the most common reasons? Misalignment with an enterprise’s security policy. Cloud offers the enterprise unprecedented agility and the capability to quickly adapt to market conditions, but this same agility can also quickly lead to drift from the original state of security alignment.


The mistake many leaders make is to try to manage cloud security with legacy security procedures. In doing so, they almost always sacrifice the agility that led them to adopt cloud in the first place. 


A much better approach? Establish a cloud center of excellence at the outset of your initiative. 


The CCOE focuses on two key areas with respect to security:  

#1 – A sound identity and access management philosophy.

#2 – Heavy reliance on automation and infrastructure as code.


You can follow with automated guardrails to allow your teams to move as fast as the market changes without ever falling out of security alignment. 


With this approach, you can mitigate one of the biggest risks of failure and set yourself up on the path for success.

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