Cloud Computing is Becoming a “Major” Part of Higher Education

Ronda Peoples / February 20, 2015

As companies across the globe shut down their on-prem servers in favor of cloud infrastructure and the benefits thereof, the skills and know-how required of the information technology professionals these companies employ is evolving. Thankfully, many institutions of higher learning are responding to this changing landscape. Already, most major colleges and universities offer ample courses related to cloud computing. Some institutions have gone a step further and now offer entire programs and degrees focused specifically on cloud technology. For instance, DePaul University recently introduced a Cloud Computing Technologies Program to its College of Computing and Digital Media.

According to many industry experts, including David Linthicum, colleges and universities will continue to cater to a growing appetite for cloud, adjusting to the cloud computing movement “perhaps more than they have around any other technology trend.” Linthicum further predicts that graduates “with Amazon Web Services, Google, or Microsoft cloud talent will command 20 to 30 percent higher salaries than those with more traditional skills.” That’s not only good news for tomorrow’s technology grads, but for the industries they will serve.

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