Five Ways to Ensure Your Cloud Workload is Well Architected

Tom Lewis / October 22, 2018

These days, nearly every company has at least some of its application portfolio running on cloud infrastructure. But, most companies are not achieving the objectives that drove them to adopt cloud.  Simply “lifting and shifting” a legacy workload does not allow companies to achieve better performance, agility, cost savings or better security.  And bringing even a cloud-optimized application design with legacy operations and skill sets to support it restricts the level of benefit that can be achieved with cloud services.

Blue Sentry—a Premier Tier AWS consulting partner—was founded to enable IT leaders to achieve their operational visions with its bespoke DevOps as a Service.  When we say “bespoke” we mean, one size does not fit all.  So, how do we tailor your DevOps services to your vision?  We begin with a Well-Architected Review.

Well-Architected Review is an AWS best-practice consulting framework that AWS has certified select partners to offer AWS customers in the context of AWS-funded short-term engagements. This means that a Well-Architected Review has no net cost to you and provides very high value.  Blue Sentry uses the Well-Architected framework to: 1) assess your workload’s current operational state, 2) to establish a best-practice operational vision tailored to your needs 3) to develop a roadmap of deliverables to achieve that vision.   Usually, there is time in the engagement to even begin remediating some of the low-hanging fruit.

The specifics of the Well-Architected Review center on five pillars that Blue Sentry and AWS have seen provide the greatest value across a customer base of millions of users of AWS services.

  • Operational Excellence: Are you managing change for maximum speed, agility and reliability? Are you running and monitoring your systems to deliver business value, while continually improving the supporting processes and procedures?
  • Security: Are your workloads, information systems and assets protected? Are you conducting risk assessments? Do you have mitigation strategies in case of a breach?
  • Reliability: Are you able to recover from infrastructure or service failures? Can you dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand and mitigate disruptions?
  • Performance Efficiency: Are you using computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements? Are you maintaining peak efficiency as your demand changes, and as AWS technologies evolve?
  • Cost Optimization: Are you avoiding – and eliminating – unneeded cost or suboptimal resources with cost-effective resources, matched supply and demand, and expenditure awareness?

If you can’t answer a solid “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you may want to declare WAR on inefficiency. The Blue Sentry WAR includes a full review of your workload(s); a half-day deep dive workshop; and the production of a comprehensive, custom report and action plan; and some limited time to begin remediation of critical issues.

For more details connect with Blue Sentry at re:Invent booth 2524, November 26-30 or reach out by email to our sales team.  The Blue Sentry team wishes you success in your cloud vision and would love to be part of it.