Leading Crypto Accounting SaaS Company Benefits from GP3 Storage Volume Upgrade

Lee Hylton / July 28, 2023

The Challenge

Leading Crypto Accounting SaaS Company Benefits from GP3 Storage Volume UpgradeA leading crypto accounting SaaS (Software as a Service) company based in the New York area providing cryptocurrency accounting for institutions and crypto investors is looking to optimize their cloud environments in alignment with AWS best practices. The crypto company maintains proprietary software that leverages real-time data from millions of crypto transactions every day, so optimization for performance is key. Additionally, while not impacted significantly by the FTX crypto exchange crash of 2022, the attention to cost optimization was also a consideration for evaluating the crypto accounting companies environments. 

The Solution

Reaching out to the Blue Sentry Cloud’s Managed Services team, the crypto company asked for assistance in analyzing their environments for areas of improvement. The BSC Managed Services engineers went to work. Leveraging their knowledge and experience of AWS best practices, the team in collaboration with the crypto company identified storage optimization as one area to improve both cost and performance. The first optimization solution would be to upgrade the storage volumes, across several accounts and multiple regions, from GP2 to GP3. 

Blue Sentry’s Managed Services team in association with an in-house AWS Data Architect, identified thousands of volumes that would require upgrading. The team worked with the crypto company to ensure a rollout schedule that would target no production environments first. Then allow for some testing. Finally, the production environments would be updated.


The Blue Sentry Cloud Manage Services team’s principles of ensuring the protection of customer data, minimizing disruption of cloud resources, and providing a positive customer experience, allowed for the upgrade to be carried out without incident.

The Benefit

AWS GP3 storage volumes can provide up to four times the max throughput and up to 20% in cost savings over GP2 volumes. The Blue Sentry Managed Services team upgraded more than two thousand volumes in the crypto accounting companies AWS accounts. While the exact numbers related to the performance increase or decrease in cloud spending is unknown, the crypto accounting company has managed to move on from storage optimizations to other goals with more capital to do so.