Microsoft Azure announces most powerful instances to date

Lee Hylton / January 26, 2015

Microsoft Azure has announced the general availability of their new G instances. These are their most powerful cloud instances to date. The new G-series instances go up to 32 cores, 448 GiB of RAM, and 6,596 GB of local SSD storage.  At the lower end these G instances may be suitable for running Remote Desktop Session Hosts all the way up to high end SQL Server databases crunching terabytes of data.

Kenaz Kwa from Microsoft announced the general availability of the new instance types on January 23rd here.  Microsoft originally rolled these out in US West but they are now available in most US regions.  These come before their announcement from AWS of their new C4 instance type with custom Intel processors.  As the cloud IaaS war heats up between the current top 3 cloud  vendors, performance trends up and price trends down which only helps shops making the transition to one of these public cloud providers.

Microsoft claims that the “G” series are the most powerful cloud instances available anywhere. Currently, Amazon Web Service’s most powerful instance has 244 gigs of RAM and 6400 gigs of SSD storage.

G Instance details


Microsoft Azure announces most powerful instances to date

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