Self-Healing Cloud Infrastructure

Lee Hylton / January 20, 2015

Yesterday AWS announced “Auto Recovery” for its Elastic Cloud Compute (Ec2) instances. Now with Cloud Watch properly configured AWS will constantly run systems checks to look for many common problems including:

  • loss of network connectivity
  • loss of system power
  • software issues on the physical host
  • hardware issues on the physical host.

According to Amazon, “When a system status check of the underlying hardware fails, the instance will be rebooted (on new hardware if necessary) but will retain its Instance Id, IP Address, Elastic IP Addresses, EBS Volume attachments, and other configuration details.”

Blue Sentry architects for high availability on AWS in such a way that failures of this type are normally not noticed by the user. But this is a significant upgrade that Blue Sentry is now configuring for all of its clients. In the rare event of a failure of this type a support call is no longer necessary to reinitialize the instance on a different host and to put it back in service. Auto Recovery even works under dedicated hardware option for Blue Sentry’s HIPAA compliant customers. Innovations like these further increase the superiority gap between AWS and on-premises, hybrid, or collocated environments in terms of security, performance and ROI.

Blue Sentry is an advanced-tier Amazon Web Services (aws) consulting partner specializing in application and data migrations, expert managed services and virtual desktops. Blue Sentry serves clients globally, with operations in North Carolina and South Carolina.