Your Startup, Hypercharged: Using AWS to Become a DevOps Rock Star

Lee Hylton / July 14, 2017

Ask most startup entrepreneurs what they got paid last week, and the reaction will typically be a laugh — possibly accompanied by a snort.

Indeed, in the startup universe, bootstraps are the name of the game, and every glinting dime is generally deployed back into the dream.

For generations, for startups rooted in technology, those dimes were generally deployed into on-premise servers or a hosted managed service arrangement that burned capital like a six-alarm fire. Startups with little capital, but requiring a solid CI/CD pipeline, simply had no other option. Though on-premise or shared hosting environments have launched many enterprises, the high infrastructure costs and inability to scale quickly were major inhibitors to success.

Today, a company that is starting out with a great new application that will upset a current standard of doing business has a capital-friendly, lean, agile, and scalable choice. By finding a partner experienced with deploying and managing DevOps environments in the AWS cloud, the trip to that first entrepreneurial payday is a much shorter affair.

No longer are capital and scalability challenges limitations to bringing the startup dream to life. Cloud allows you to virtualize easier, expand resources within a virtual machine relatively quickly, and shifts the focus to things like an immutable infrastructure, the distribution of services and micro-services, and even “server-less” infrastructure.

This allows the DevOps environment to be more elastic, leading to costs savings that can be redeployed to different aspects of the project.

Simply stated, engaging with a Managed Service Provider that has the right combination of experience and ownership — a desire to be part of your team — can really help with the success of your company. There are several ways this can be useful:


  • 24/7 monitoring with support
  • A verifiable knowledge and experience of the cloud service
  • An ability to assist with deployments or even build your pipeline
  • A bigger team for your money versus hiring people
  • A vested interest in your company’s success


These can really open up your ability to build faster, better products that will scale quickly while being highly available.

Here at Blue Sentry Cloud, we are skilled in being able to transform businesses – delivering AWS cloud maturity and managing the environment with care. Our Engineers can build your CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure, making sure you have a scalable, ready-for-anything environment. When integrated with our Managed Services, we can help maintain the stability, flexibility, and high availability that you know is achievable in the cloud.

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