Sustainable Computing: An Emerging Reality on Amazon Web Services

Kenneth Johnson / January 21, 2015

More and more companies are becoming concerned with the amount of power they are consuming and the effect it may have on our planet. For many companies nothing consumes more power than the IT footprint. Even apart from other cloud benefits such as, better security, lower cost, increased performance for remote work experience, HIPAA compliance etc., reducing carbon footprint may be a big reason to consider migrating to cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services has announced in November 2014 their goal of powering their entire infrastructure with renewable energy.  So far they are the only cloud provider to set such an audacious goal. Already the AWS European data centers and government cloud are carbon neutral. And today AWS announced another big step, the AWS Wind Farm, which will be used to power current and future AWS datacenters.

As companies become more responsible in considering the effects of their decisions on the environment AWS will likely be an even more favored option as a result of their leadership in sustainable computing.

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