What to Consider When Choosing an AWS Certified Partner

bluesentrycloud / November 20, 2023



Hi, I’m Todd Bernson – CTO at Blue Sentry Cloud and an AWS Ambassador with 11 AWS certifications.


I work closely with companies both small and large and both types have the same fundamental question. 


“How important are certifications when choosing the people and companies that work with your applications and data in the cloud?”


In my discussions with the C-suite and other IT executives, we often get asked about the importance of certifications for those dealing with cloud and hybrid Cloud infrastructure and applications.


In my experience certifications are a fundamental part of the cloud infrastructure Journey for several reasons.


Certifications Validate Expertise


First, certifications validate expertise they are marks of Excellence that must be earned and are not granted until a rigorous collection of benchmarks and competencies are met.


So you know when you work with a certified Cloud architect or engineer you’re getting someone who has a basic to expert understanding of architecture development and services inside of AWS.


Cloud-Native Architecture


Second Cloud native architecture is Cloud native architecture vastly different from anything else.


That’s why Cloud infrastructure must be validated for resiliency, elasticity, cost savings, security, and performance.


Migrating to AWS


Third more and more companies are migrating to AWS.


This is the result of both a certified and demonstrated commitment on the part of AWS to excellence, continuous improvement, and stability.


Finally, slowly one-third of all Cloud traffic is backed by AWS.


That’s why you’ll want to align with professionals that are certified to have this skills in bleeding edge Cloud Technologies and insights to truly unlock the opportunities of the largest cloud provider.


At the end of the day don’t compromise on this important mark of quality.


Having certified employees and contractors is the only way to be assured that you’ll have the resilience, security, performance, and efficiency that AWS Cloud is known for.


Also making sure that the team has professional and specialty certifications dealing with your specific needs is vital to confirming in-depth expertise for your organization.


Blue Sentry Cloud is the most densely certified Cloud firm in the country and we would like to be of service to you.


Thank you.


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