ArthurAI On-Demand Environments Utilizing Amazon EKS

Jason Kim / February 25, 2022

ArthurAI, a provider of cloud-based data monitoring services, helps enterprises achieve AI’s potential in order to make AI a better technology for everyone.  As a model-agnostic and platform-agnostic tool, ArthurAI allows data scientists and developers to centralize and streamline their models regardless of where building and deployment occur. This provides teams with advanced functionality to debug, understand performance, and focus on solving machine learning problems.  

As ArthurAI grows, the organization needed flexible technology that could support more customer demand for ArthurAI. 

The Solution

Blue Sentry Cloud worked closely with ArthurAI to utilize an IaC approach to build templates for the on-demand environments that allowed ArthurAI to spin up all resources needed to have a complete and functioning environment.  These environments consisted of:

  • A shared Kubernetes cluster that auto-scales as compute is needed from ArthurAI customers.
  • Postgres, an open-source relational database management system ArthurAI’s team could use and adapt as necessary
  • Clickhouse, an open-source column-oriented database management system
  • Kafka, a stream-processing and distributed event store platform 
  • Redis, an open-source in-memory data structure storage solution that can be used as a database, message broker, and cache

The Benefit

Blue Sentry Cloud’s IaC approach to configuration management provided ArthurAI the ability to have dedicated load test and QA environments as needed. 

ArthurAI teams now has the ability to speed up the development of new features in a structured environment with all the same resources – making the process of rolling out features to their customers faster and more efficient.