Case Study: Blue Sentry Cloud’s Managed Services for Pediatric Associates

Lee Hylton / May 2, 2024


Pediatric Associates, a leading healthcare provider specializing in pediatric care, required a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure to ensure uptime, site availability, and security for their digital services. They engaged Blue Sentry Cloud, a prominent Managed Services Provider (MSP), to efficiently manage their AWS cloud environment.




Pediatric Associates aimed to achieve the following goals with the help of Blue Sentry Cloud:

  • Maintain high availability and uptime for all digital services to ensure continuous patient care and data accessibility.
  • Secure sensitive patient data in compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Scale resources dynamically to handle varying loads, especially during peak hours.


Solution Design

Blue Sentry Cloud implemented a comprehensive AWS-based solution, utilizing a range of AWS services to meet the needs of Pediatric Associates:

  1. Amazon EC2 Instances: Utilized for running web servers and applications, ensuring fast response times and reliable service delivery.
  2. Amazon RDS Data Plane: Deployed to manage all patient data securely and efficiently, providing high-performance database services that are easy to set up, operate, and scale.
  3. Containers on EC2 Cluster: Leveraged for critical applications, ensuring that services are containerized for better scalability and management. The use of containers helped in achieving a microservices architecture that enhances the ability to update applications and systems without downtime.


Implementation Process

Blue Sentry Cloud’s approach to managing Pediatric Associates’ AWS infrastructure included the following key activities:

  1. Infrastructure Setup and Optimization: Configured the AWS services, such as EC2, RDS, and EC2 container clusters, to create a robust and scalable environment. Continuous optimization was carried out to ensure cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency.
  2. Security Enhancements: Implemented comprehensive security measures including encryption, identity and access management, and continuous security assessments to protect sensitive data and comply with healthcare regulations.
  3. Scalability Planning: Designed the system for easy scalability, allowing Pediatric Associates to manage patient load effectively. This was achieved through auto-scaling configurations and load balancing across EC2 instances and container clusters.
  4. Disaster Recovery and Backup: Established a reliable disaster recovery plan and regular backups, particularly using RDS features, to ensure data integrity and availability even in the event of system failures.
  5. Monitoring and Support: Deployed AWS monitoring tools along with Blue Sentry Cloud’s own monitoring solutions to provide real-time alerts and proactive support. This ensured any potential issues could be addressed before affecting the service availability.



The managed services provided by Blue Sentry Cloud resulted in several significant benefits for Pediatric Associates:

  • Enhanced Uptime and Availability: Achieved near-perfect uptime, ensuring that Pediatric Associates’ digital services are always available for both clinicians and patients.
  • Robust Security Posture: Strengthened security measures led to enhanced protection of sensitive patient data, adhering to healthcare compliance standards.
  • Scalability and Performance: The ability to dynamically scale resources meant that Pediatric Associates could handle high traffic loads efficiently, particularly during peak times such as flu season.



Blue Sentry Cloud’s management of Pediatric Associates’ AWS infrastructure has significantly contributed to the organization’s operational success. The reliable, secure, and scalable cloud environment enables Pediatric Associates to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without the concern of IT infrastructure management. This partnership illustrates the value of specialized managed services in maintaining and enhancing healthcare providers’ technological backbone.