Quaero: Monitoring Spend and Sizing the Cloud

Jason Kim / May 27, 2022

The Challenge

Quaero, is a multi-national business intelligence and data analytics firm that accounts for some of the largest names in sports, entertainment, and manufacturing as their clients.  While maintaining a large footprint in AWS Quaero also hosts most of their infrastructure in Azure as well as on premise in data centers. 

Using proprietary data analytics technologies, Quaero helps their customers create actionable insights into their businesses by crunching the enormous data sets these companies gather from various sources. 

The Solution

Reaching out to the BSC team, Quaero tasked out team to build and scale new solutions to improve efficiencies regarding their existing infrastructure. 

Blue Sentry Cloud worked closely with Quaero’s engineering team to become more impactful to their clients.  While building out new solutions with the engineering team the SRE desk notifced that there were a few volumes that made use of AWS Provisioned IOPs.  After carefully monitoring those during peak load BSC engineers determined that those could be reconfigured as gp3 volumes with no performance hit. 

The Benefit

Quaero has saved $40k/yr in AWS expenditures while experiencing no performance penalties.  “Having a partner like Blue Sentry Cloud watching over our cloud environments brings me peace of mind! Knowing that they are monitoring the environments not only to ensure uptime and business continuity but also making sure we are not spending unnecessarily is a great help to our business and frees our developers up to concentrate on developing new features for our customers.” said David Kolher, Director of Cloud Operations. 

Case Study Author: Lee Hylton – Chief Technology Officer & Chief Cloud Architect Blue Sentry Cloud