Workflow Management SaaS Implements CI/CD

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

This company is the leading provider of workflow management solutions for marketing and creative teams, facilitating efficiency and productivity from project kickoff to final approval. The company’s flagship product, allows project team members and stakeholders to collaboratively initiate, manage, track, and review creative projects in a centralized and interactive cloud-based environment that connects directly with Adobe through an Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. With over two decades of experience, a user-friendly interface, and dedicated customer success team, their softeare helps creative and marketing teams automate their workflow and do the work they love.

The Challenge

This Workflow Management SaaS had been an early customer on AWS having successfully migrated its workloads to the cloud. However, after developing their next generation product platform they wanted to ensure they were getting all of the promised benefits of the cloud – particularly around development release efficiency and CI/CD. Most critically, they needed a solution that would automate rollouts, in a seamless fashion.

The Solution

Blue Sentry was engaged to create seamless CI/CD solutions for them. Blue Sentry’s engineers suggested an approach using Terraform to spin up environments on demand, along with an integration with Teamcity, a unique build management and continuous integration platform. This integration with Teamcity allowed them to support Windows and Linux builds and take advantage of Teamcity’s cloud features. As a container-based solution, Teamcity provided them with a clean instance for each build, along with facilitating a quick and agile upgrade path. Blue Sentry’s engineers worked to restructure build configurations and patterns, and used custom scripting to create fresh container images and AMIs for deployment into AWS.

The Benefit

Today, this Workflow Management SaaS Company enjoys a best-in-class CI/CD environment, with great advances in efficiency thanks to the automated processes supported by Terraform and Teamcity. The process allows for environment information and server-level configurations to flow seamlessly, leaving projects/applications level configuration as code in their associated repos.