Cloud Billing SaaS Enlists Help for DevOps Growth

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

This company is a provider of cloud-based software for managing public cloud resources. The company’s products focus on security, cost management, automation, and audit compliance solutions for enterprises and managed service providers. Their solution helps businesses manage and automate cost as well as security compliance across multiple public cloud providers from a single window.

The Challenge

They understood cloud management better than anyone, but was experiencing rapid growth in demand for their services. Because DevOps skills are scarce, they did not have the time to scale their own engineering teams to keep pace with demand. They knew they needed a partner with dedicated expertise in Amazon Web Services, DevOps and data services to immediately support their DevOps aspirations. “We were trying to expand our team. We knew we didn’t have enough expertise on our staff,” said Rich Fortier, SVP, Engineering. “We had been trying to hire to expand our DevOps team, and it simply wasn’t working out.”

The Solution

Though Blue Sentry’s Agile Cloud Transformation Team initially was focused on their urgent DevOps needs, it became quickly evident that the company needed help in rationalizing its expansive MSSQL RDS infrastructure. Given the amount of data to be maintained for their clients, it was quickly determined that automation was needed to make the most of AWS’s RDS offering. Blue Sentry developed tools to help them manage, monitor and upgrade more than 4,000 discrete SQL databases hosted on AWS RDS instances. The tools had the added benefit of helping them realize efficiencies in their existing systems that would help support their ability to scale while reducing costs. “Blue Sentry analyzed how we were deploying these solutions in house, and made recommendations that really helped us,” said Fortier. “We had a scale problem — we manage more than 4,000 databases in RDS today… and we simply didn’t have enough automation to manage all of this. One of the things Blue Sentry did was help us build some tools to sort through this very large environment, and detect and apply consistency rules in a fraction of the time it would take to do this manually.”

The Benefit

Today, this Cloud Billing SaaS Company has an RDS environment that is scalable, efficient and costs less than before. Additionally, with Blue Sentry’s help, they were able to create a “Cloud Center of Excellence”that delivers repeatable skills, DevOps processes and deployment templates to their engineering team. Now the leader in Cloud resource management is getting even more out of their AWS environment than they were before. “The true value of expert consulting is that they can help you get launched faster,” said Fortier. “Blue Sentry helped us achieve operations that are four times faster than before the collaboration. They got us over some barriers, and helped us to find the right roads to take to get to our solution quicker.”