MSP and DevOps Services Benefit Leading Crypto Accounting SaaS Company

Jason Kim / February 22, 2022

Lukka, an NYC-based  company providing cryptocurrency settlement accounting through its proprietary software products, requires real-time precision for millions of crypto transactions every day. Lukka’s ongoing success hinges on their ability to consistently deliver validated and accurate data.

Lukka’s customer base are primarily institutions, but individual crypto investors rely on the company’s framework for trade valuations and tax accounting. Cryptocurrency valuation is essential for maintaining accurate accounting ledgers as digital assets transfer ownership online.  Lukka applications track pricing data for various cryptocurrencies traded across multiple exchanges while validating data in the blockchains of the currencies themselves to ensure accuracy.

The company had a new product scheduled for release in January 2020, which was expected to increase their customer base and scope of services offered. Lukka wanted to maintain their engineering team’s product development focus while also maintaining high availability and reliability.  Additionally, since the volume of customers was expected to exceed the capacity of Lukka’s existing team, the organization also wanted to improve their ability to scale in response to growing demand from customers.

The Solution

Reaching out to the BSC team, Lukka asked how they could scale up their services with managed services from Blue Sentry Cloud as well as incident response and ongoing DevOps services. 

Blue Sentry worked closely with Lukka’s engineering team to reinvigorate their applications, including: 

  • Deploying and optimizing Kubernetes clusters 
  • Managing Lukka’s Kubernetes deployment with ongoing operational managed services
  • Reducing the risk of failure and incidents so the team could focus on product development

The Benefit

They have been able to continue being focused on the bigger picture of their business by not having to address as many incidents. Additionally, they have been able to scale to the needs of the customer load. “We have been very pleased with Blue Sentry Cloud,“ said Andy Mei, L their head of engineering. “They have allowed us to go much faster while also letting us focus on what we do best. They have been an excellent partner.”