Pediatric Associates Security and Scalability on AWS

Jason Kim / April 29, 2022

Blue Sentry Cloud recently architected a solution for a medical company’s primary website.  This website acts as the primary scheduling and information portal for the entire organization. 

The website historically was hosted on stateful servers with a separate MySQL database server. The utilization of stateful servers drove a lack of cost elasticity and scalability, lack of customer experience and a significant reduction in implementation and delivery of features. 

 The Solution 

Blue Sentry Cloud utilized several managed AWS services to provide a resilient, cheaper, faster and scalable automated solution. 

“I was excited to learn we could update the site anytime we wanted – even during the business day” said one IT executive. 

The largest cost savings were achieved in the data layer.  Serverless MySQL compatible Aurora was set up in both the development and production environments.  Development allowed AutoPause while production was configured with auto scaling enabled.  

The Benefit

The managed services provided by AWS allow for a more resilient, scalable, and automated infrastructure for the customer to serve clients.  Additionally, the use of infrastructure as code (IaC) best practices ensure that security remains primary focus and continuous delivery pipelines remove the human error factor while rolling out new features. Developers can now implement changes and updates, while operations can utilize an automated, secure, least privilege infrastructure.  

The elasticity of the serverless Aurora database layers has also saved 25% per month in production and over 50% per month in development.