Regulated Capital Consultants Disaster Recovery Solution

Jason Kim / March 25, 2022

Regulated Capital Consultants (RCC) provides comprehensive advisory solutions, systems support and resource assistance for accounting, tax, and regulatory departments in property-intensive industries.  RCC helps their clients streamline operations providing guidance from consultants who are experienced utility industry veterans.  In business for over 15 years, RCC had legacy software systems that were no longer meeting their needs. 

When RCC decided to modernize their software as a service platform on AWS, they looked for a trusted partner to help.  RCC contacted Blue Sentry Cloud to help build a modern, scalable, cloud-native application stack staking advantage of all the flexibility and power that AWS has to offer. 

The Solution

Blue Sentry Cloud approaches every customer project with an Infrastructure as Code (IAC) approach. Using Terraform, each customer environment is entirely created and managed in code, the code stored in secured Git repository, and  then shared with the customer development team. Approaching things in this manner allows for flexibility, repeatability, and very fast creation of the customer environment from the ground up. Using existing Terraform modules designed for the primary AWS environment, only a few simple parameters needed to be changed in order tos pin up an identical set of AWS services in a different region.  

The Benefit

Using this automated pipeline provides RCC with a working copy of their application stack in a different region quickly with a simple process on demand.  From start to finish, the entire process takes under 30 minutes to complete. Using an IaC approach to the entire environment allows RCC to perform these DR exercises as often as needed and meet contractual obligations with their customers.  

“Working with Blue Sentry Cloud’s embedded team of engineers has been great and allowed us to meet our objectives more quickly than would have been possible without them,” says Scott Lampert of RCC.