Leading Accounting Crypto ensures Kubernetes Compliance with Blue Sentry Cloud

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A crypto-asset company needed a partner that understood how to efficiently deploy applications and manage complex microservices architectures day to day, so that its team could focus on building value for our customers.

MSP and DevOps Services Benefit Leading Crypto Accounting SaaS

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A crypto-asset company, needed 24/7 assistance as it readied a new product scheduled for release in January 2020.

Social Media Company Wins with Big Data

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A Social Media Company needed a way to ingest and process a “galactic” amount of data into actionable indicators that could be used by its client base. Blue Sentry developed a cloud-based Big Data solution that can seamlessly scale, on-the-fly, based upon an ever-fluctuating amount of consumer demand.

Pharmaceutical Inventory Management Company implements VPC on AWS

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A Pharmaceutical Inventory Management Company that assists with the efficient handling of outdated, damaged and unused pharmaceuticals, needed a new VPC environment on the AWS cloud. Blue Sentry was able to engineer a DevOps environment that now allows for the deployment of new code in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Database Modernization for Savings and Efficiency

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A SaaS Company needed to update and modernize the data platform for its SaaS platform to gain cost savings, increased performance, and enhanced reliability and scalability. Blue Sentry’s Transformational Engineering team made it happen.

Emergency Network Routing with Transit Gateway

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

A Fund Management Firm had to quickly migrate environments from its colocated resources to the AWS cloud due to sudden restrictions forced by COVID-19. Blue Sentry was there to help.

Managed Services Rightsizing and Scheduled Cadences

bluesentrycloud / May 21, 2021

Blue Sentry recommended rightsizing and other changes to a Fund Management Firm’s environment that led to a savings of $40,000 per month, while delivering a best-practices posture for security, compliance, performance, and cost optimization.

Business Travel Company’s Deployment on AWS

bluesentrycloud / May 20, 2021

Blue Sentry helped a Business Travel Company build a scalable travel engine that could ingest and assimilate terabytes of data every day, an industry-changing mobile application, and a rapid-value delivery pipeline, all in a very short time frame.

DevSecOps Achieves PCI Compliance

bluesentrycloud / May 20, 2021

Blue Sentry helped a Leading Crypto Accounting SaaS Company achieve and maintain PCI compliance while allowing their development staff the speed and flexibility they needed to continue to get features to market quickly and efficiently.  Working with Blue Sentry ensures them they can achieve these goals while assuring that their environment remains compliant and within governance.

HCM Platform Creates Hybrid DR Capability

bluesentrycloud / October 7, 2020

A HCM Platform’s business involves continuous product development, so a DR capability was needed to include an automated code deployment pipeline — allowing for changes that were moved to production, to also be replicated in DR.